Transfer from Zurich Airport to Ski Resorts, Private Ski Shuttle


I have dubbed the beautiful country of Switzerland as the “Paradise on Earth.” The country is one of the most desired and sought after tourist destinations in the world. With its lush scenery with snow-capped mountains and locations like the Swiss Alps, Zurich, Basel, Lucerne, and Bern, Switzerland makes the perfect tourist attraction for honeymoons, leisure trips, family vacation, or a bae-cation. You can arrive at your ski resort by ski transfer Zurich Airport, and tour around destinations in Switzerland and neighboring countries: Italy, Germany, and Austria by Ski Taxi Zurich Airport.

Switzerland makes the perfect holiday getaway for you if you are a nature lover or an adventure seeker. Zurich—Switzerland’s biggest city—is often mistaken for its capital, because of the busy feel it has to it. There are many things you can choose to do in Zurich, its surrounding cities, and neighboring countries. You may even go to the French Alps.

The Swiss tour provides the opportunity to fulfill your thrill as an adventure seeker, as there are several mountains you could hike, and taking a race down the Alpine slopes would leave adrenaline rushing through you. It does not leave the nature lovers out, as the enchanting lakes of Switzerland would engage your connection with nature.

It is the holiday season, and you have decided to treat yourself to a winter vacation of skiing in Switzerland. You have heard and read about the best ski resorts in the country. You have booked your flight and made reservations at the best ski resort, but have you considered how to shuttle from Zurich airport to the ski resort?

The Zurich airport is located 13km north of the Zurich city centre. It is the largest airport in the country that handles domestic, international and continental flights. The excellent ground transportation infrastructure allows good connections to the Alpine region, the rest of the country, and neighboring countries.

Zurich is among the world’s largest financial centres and it boasts a rich cultural heritage, which includes museums and art galleries. Zurich is the major gateway for arriving at popular ski resorts in the country.

The Zurich airport is only a few hours’ drive from many world-class ski resorts that cater to every skiing expertise. 

Zurich Airport Transfer to Ski Resorts

The last thing on your mind you need to worry about, after a long airplane ride, is how you are going to get to your ski resort. Getting a ski transfer shuttle from Zurich airport is not just convenient for you, your friends, or family, but it will also make the journey to the ski resort more enjoyable.

You do not have to worry about your luggage or snowboard—if you travel with one—and your ski transfer will ensure that you arrive at your destination in no time. The ski transfer service can be booked beforehand so that whenever you reach the airport—day or night—your transportation would be waiting. 

Going on a ski holiday always involves carrying tons of luggage and ski equipment. When you arrive by plane and decide on taking a bus or train to your resort, you may end up having an unpleasant experience. It may delay you, you may miss the bus or train, depending on your flight arrival, or don’t have where to store your ski equipment and luggage.

The Zurich Airport is one of the busiest airports in Switzerland, and although there are cabs and other transportations are available at the airport, it is best to opt for pre-booked ski transfer Zurich Airport to your ski resort. 

For a hassle-free start of your holiday, it’s best to book a Zurich Airport Ski Transfer here. You can admire the beautiful alpine scenery in a comfortable ski transfer shuttle with a professional driver.

There are a couple of reasons to decide to go by ski transfers from Zurich Airport:

Your safety is the topmost priority: With ski transfers, you are safe to embark on your trip to the ski resort.  Even in winter, they are safe to take because most of them use tires and chains for snow.

Cost-effective: Although the transport shuttle will transfer you from the airport to your ski resort, the knowledge of the ski transfer shuttle driver could be beneficial to you as a tourist.

It may be your first trip to the country and city, some taxi drivers could take advantage of it by taking longer routes, and thus the transportation might cost you more.

At Ski Transfers Switzerland, we provide the best Ski Transfers from Zurich Airport to ski resorts at the best value. Ski Transfers Switzerland will get you to and from any ski resorts in Switzerland, and, to and from the ski resorts in Austria, Italy, France and Germany. 

Our 4×4 fleet of cars include regular sedan to premium minibus that can accommodate up to 8 people per private transfer.

Although there are a few car free zones in Switzerland, there is no cause for alarm as our drivers will drive as near as possible; and show you how you can go further to your final destination/ ski resort.